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Last Updated: May 6, 2022

Welcome to my website.  I'm currently studying to take my national boards in Hand Reflexology in November 2022 and Massage Therapy National Boards Exam after that. 

My position on the COVID-19 virus as an advocate of Natural Medicine:  Whether it emerged from a wet market in Wuhan, whether it was created as a weapon of germ warfare in a lab in Wuhan as the February 2020 CNN interviews with three whistleblower scientists from the suspected lab reported to the public, or whether there were in fact simultaneous coronaviruses released from both source points has been consistent:  The best protective action you can take is to receive an FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine series, wear a CDC approved facemask, practice excellent hygiene, limit your social interactions outside of your pod and practice immunity boosting practices both behaviorally and botanically.  This complete spectrum approach ensures the greatest safety to you and your loved ones.  I have received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and have not experienced problems other than the initial side effects following the second dose which mimicked flu-like symptoms and ceased within 48 hours.  I've taken ginger root and garlic nearly everyday to ensure my immunity is constantly high against colds and flus.

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I keep up a directory of allopathic and natural medicine research listed below if you'd like to learn more about health research.

Natural and Allopathic Medicine Research Directory

Here are 3 grocery shopping lists of:  Vegan Superfoods with Negative Calories, Vegan Superfoods, and Vegan Foods with Negative Calories.  The italicized items lower LDL cholesterol in nutrition studies.  Print them out and take to the grocery store with you and keep these as regular parts of your diet. 

Vegan Superfoods with Negative Calories

Vegan Superfoods

Vegan Negative Calories

Dietary Supplement List for Boosting Immunity In the Era of Pandemic Viruses

My ResearchGate.com profile page to my studies, projects, and data sets, you may have to be a member of ResearchGate to view this.